Here’s the thing you’ll find out pretty quick about me. I want to save you the time of reading my posts if you won’t like what’s on here.

1. I have issues.

Trust issues, life issues mostly the kind of issues that make you feel anxious sometimes.

2. Well, I sometimes get anxiety attacks but I’m doing really good currently.

3. I have a beautiful family that any young woman dreams of. It’s safe to say that i have been blessed.

4. I don’t have a group or troop of girlfriends but I have two very loyal ones that have stuck with me and won over my absolute trust.

5. I’m very opinionated and not afraid to make a fool out of myself if I believe it’ll make a difference.

6. I really am introverted and social life scares the shit out me.

7. I try to the best of my ability to live a conscious lifestyle.

8. I own a capsule wardrobe and live a pretty much minimalistic lifestyle but love nice quality good looking things.

9. I believe that one day I will find my online community tribe.

10. I like talking about deep shit, the uncomfortable stuff, kinda of stuff people would judge you for.

So there, I’ve saved you some time. If you can relate and would like, stick around and engage.