My journey with minimalism.

Five years ago i learnt a way of life called minimalism and I decided to practice it.

The first few months were horrible because I had to declutter and that was a lot of work. Making the few things I had left work for me was also a struggle but I eventually conquered.

Living a minimalist lifestyle, I was happy and free. It did me so much good, I even had more time and energy to work out and take care of not only my body but my mind.

So what happened?

Life happened.

All of a sudden I began loosing focus, I accumulated. Because I was going through a tough transition at some point in my life, I stopped caring and began inviting every piece of junk to my life. This junk was things I bought, people I kept around and the information I fed my mind in form of social media.

Bit by bit this baggage of junk got so much and overwhelming. I couldn’t keep up anymore. I was defeated.

After a long time of hoarding and gathering, I feel like it’s time to declutter. It’s time go back to what made me happy.

Keep things that add value to my life and letting go all of the distractions.

This is my second journey to minimalism.


  1. Great you don’t give up and noticed how well it was for you to keep it minimal. Decluttering things is the fun part in my opinion, but the hard part is changing you habits and mindset to constantly keep it up. Minimalism means sometimes not choosing the easy way, but I’ m sure everyone can achieve it when seeing and keeping the benefits in mind and finding one’s own definition of this lifestyle. Wish you good luck with your second try πŸ™‚

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  2. Congratulations! This is going to be an amazing season of rejuvenation for you and you are going to begin feeling free again very soon. I just recently decided to also take the journey into minimalism. I am very excited and scared and nervous! Its going to be worth it. πŸ™‚ lets get in touch and chat sometime! Maybe we could share ideas on ways to form new and healthy habits!

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